Al-Jazeera News Director resigns, apparently in response to Wikileaks showing extent of cooperation with US government

Here (via reddit) and here. An earlier assessment from FP magazine (including the word “backpeddle”) concludes the leaks are really more about a news agency trying to professionalize itself with respect to world governments and find a middle path between dealing with them rationally and being their sockpuppet. It’s going to take a bit of digestion before this makes sense.

Wadah Khanfar responds on Al-Jazeera. Ultimately, I find the fact that he’s being replaced by a member of the Qatari ruling family of greater concern than the wikileaks citations, which seem to be somewhat sensationalized in the way they have been de-contextualized (as usual) in order to create an incendiary headline. With any luck, A-J will continue to engage this topic rather than shoving it aside. Once again, the leaks establish their value in allowing conversations like this to happen in the public arena.

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