"Nothing is more exhilarating 
than philistine vulgarity." 
-Vladimir Nabokov 

The inevitable juxtaposition between philistinism and vulgarity has to be an ode to the absurd. Satire is born from this combination of dichotomy and humor. Nabokov’s teaching directly resulted in my favorite Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s writing style that has transcended time and opinion; something she has and will continue to use throughout her legal career. If anyone needs proof, just read how many of her dissents have become law. Law is a passion of mine, therefore Nabokov seemed an appropriate inspiration.

Realizing there are weird heroes and mold breaking champions in the legal field is something I recently found hope in. Challenging preconceived notions is not dissimilar from learning a new language… and I suppose in more ways than one, I quite literally have.